Song of Bethlehem

I had the honor of working with DP Peter von Putkammer recently on musician Ken Goldstein’s “The Song of Bethlehem” project, as Gaffer and B Cam Operator.  The recording session took place at Artsquest’s Steelstacks, and additional footage shot around the Bethlehem area.

Music Video Behind the Scenes

Here are some behind the scenes stills from a music video I DP’d recently.  The song “In Your Arms”, by Steve Brosky, is about heroin addiction.  Our writer and director, Trisha Thompson, created a pretty intense script.  Watch for this one!


My Personal Camera

This is a build of my current personal camera, the BlackMagic Micro Cinema Camera.  It has a Super 16 size chip, but with the Metabones Speedbooster it behaves like a Super 35 camera.  (normal lens about 28mm)  It is sporting a vintage Tokina 28-70 of Angenieux design.  Best of all, it is capable of 13 stops of dynamic range!

#BMMCC #blackmagicdesign

filming “Control”

I was asked to operate B camera for some scenes on the movie “Control”, written and directed by Michael Patrick Owen.  My unit filmed interior scenes in a bank building, while the A unit filmed an exterior street scene complete with vintage cars.

thanks to our UPM Beth Clausnitzer for these photos.

Here’s an article from Lehigh Valley Live on the shoot:


and the IMDB page:

Hindi Cinema and Bollywood

For quite a few years there has been some stunning cinematography coming out of “Bollywood”  A recent example is “Bajirao Mastani”

The sets and lighting are lush, with great camera work.  Even if you don’t like the musical genre, these are worth checking out just for eye candy.



Show Reel

Here is the show reel from my commercial studio, compliments of me and my business partner.



I recently worked as Key Grip on the short film Slugger, written and directed by Matthias Claflin.   It was a great crew to work with , including DP Connor Ryan and Gaffer Jackson Kitchell.

Here are some behind the scenes photos: